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After 50 Dating Advice: Getting Comfortable Meeting People by Attending Adult Ed Enrichment Classes

If you're a mature midlife single desiring to date again but feeling lost and rusty at socializing, there's hope.
Discover ways to comfortably practice meeting strangers and new people right near where you live.
Avoid the meat market pick up feel of some of the internet dating sites.
Instead, you can venture back into dating and socializing slowly at your own pace, just dipping your toe in the water of the modern singles scene by attending Personal Enrichment classes at your local Community College and Adult Ed programs.
Here's how you can easily get started with comfort and ease.
No matter what time of year it is, it's wonderful time to try new things and learn something new.
Regardless of what season it, with your local Adult Education Programs, it's always time to go back to school.
Remember that fun thrill that would start to develop each August as you saw the season of Autumn approaching?It was time to go shopping for new "Back to School" clothes and fashions.
It was also time to purchase new 3-Ring binders, lined notebook paper, pens and pencils.
Everything was fresh and new, and the new school year held such promise for new possibilities.
Indeed, it was always such a fun time of year.
By registering for and attending some Personal Enrichment topic classes at your local Community College's Extension Center, you can regain some of that exciting promise of meeting new people, greeting a new expert teacher, and learning a new subject.
One of the most important behaviors I encourage coaching clients over 50 years old to is to get out there a bit each week, meet some new people casually, and while you are at it, go ahead and learn a few new things.
Do check out your Adult Ed classes at your local community college.
They have classes year round.
Quite often the best classes which are the most interactive with both your instructor and your fellow students are the single session one day workshop seminars.
Typically these classes are offered in the Personal Enrichment category.
The one day option is easy to fit into your schedule, so these classes often have the best turn out.
That means you'll meet a larger number of people more easily with the investment of your time.
The single session workshops often start in the morning.
Many of them will have a more advanced discussion of the topic in a second follow up workshop to register for in the same afternoon.
Go ahead and attend both of the workshops.
Pack your lunch, and go.
One secret tidbit of advice I'll share with you which I share with my coaching clients is to remember to spiff up your image and how you dress when you attend the workshop.
Don't wear your scruffy cleaning house garb that you might wear at home.
Shun your sweatsuit.
Why?Because you are in front of a number of people who are either your direct target audience for possible dates, or at least a handful of other people who could become your social acquaintances and expand your social circle.
You want to dress in a manner which is both casual and geared to impress.
My last mature singles coaching secret I will share with you all is be sure to get up, stretch, and chat up the other attendees during the class breaks.
You only have the single session to meet them.
So do consider carrying a personal card with you and wearing a conversation starter.
That way you are easy to talk with and at the end of the few minutes you have to talk, you can easily hand them your personal card and request their card.

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