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Gel Fireplace for Clean Air and Relaxing Ambiance

A gel fireplace is very ideal alternative and supplemental heating unit for homes that are not compatible with traditional fireplaces and gas units as well. What's really nice about gel fuel fireplaces is that they are mainly environmentally friendly than any other types of fireplaces available in the market today. In fact, these units are the only ones to be considered safe for use by various environmental agencies and groups in the United States. As the gel-fuel burns, it produces real flames that are clean and safe enough for outdoor and indoor use.
These gel-fueled fireplaces typically do not need any type of venting systems, ducts, or chimney flukes where smoke and fumes can escape the room. The reason for this is that gel-fuel burns so clean that no smoke, ash, or soot is produced. The fuel is an alcohol based substance that is friendly to the environment thus they also do not emit harmful and unpleasant smelling fumes in the air. They are stored in special canisters which can be purchased at any home improvement stores or supermarkets.
For homeowners who wish to convert their existing fireplaces into gel fireplaces, they can do so easily. First, all venting lines should be closed as well as all gas lines that might be connected to the unit. Then the unit should be redesigned in a way to fit ceramic logs and other atmospheric inserts similarly to gas fireplaces. Once all inserts have been placed strategically inside the unit, then it's time to purchase and place the canisters of gel fuels at the back of the insert. Typical gel-fuel fireplaces can accommodate one to four canisters at one time. The number of canisters to be placed inside the unit usually depends on the amount of heat one requires for the room. Once the canisters are lit, the flames spread form one canister to the other thus it appears to be just like the traditional fireplaces. Each canister can last for up to 4 hours after continuous combustion. As the flames heat up the space, they also make a distinct crackling sound that is typical with traditional burning firewood.
Moreover, a gel fireplace can promote a relaxing and comfortable ambiance as they air is kept clean during its use. As a supplemental or alternative heating unit, they are the safest and easiest to use without posing any threat to the health of families.

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