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Fireplace Insert Ideas

    Wood Inserts

    • Wood burning inserts have the largest heating capacity of the available fireplace inserts on the market. Wood burning inserts have front blowers and large glass windows that you can customize from plain to etched to suit your home's décor. The metal surround can also be customized to fit your interior. Your selections include nickel, gold and black with coordinating choices for the trim and the blower. You also have a choice in the overall style of the wood insert from a standard square protruding from the fireplace opening to a bay window style design that curves along your hearth. Size selections also vary based on the dimensions of your fireplace opening and are adjusted with the size and style of the surround. Your wood burning fireplace insert will require regular ash removal, the same as a wood burning fireplace.

    Gas Inserts

    • Gas fireplace inserts have a more contemporary design with an almost flat surround and a brick liner that can also simulate architectural stone. Ceramic logs included with the inserts are hand painted to simulate real wood. The heating capacity is not as great as the wood inserts, but the design style is less intrusive and the operation is more user friendly. Unobtrusive side controls or remote operated gas logs may be fueled by propane or natural gas. You also have a choice between a three- or four-sided surround to optimize your design preferences.

    Pellet Inserts

    • Pellet fireplace inserts are your most eco-friendly option when it comes to heating your home with a fire. Pellets are made from renewable resources like dried wood and biomass wastes and they burn cleaner than a typical wood or gas burning fireplace insert. Pellet inserts are more complex than gas or wood burning inserts. A motorized auger feeds the pellets to the combustion chamber, a fan sends the exhaust air to the venting system and a fan circulates the heated air. Pellet inserts require electricity to run and you will need to remove the ash once each week with regular use.

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