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Discover the Opportunities to Study Abroad in Nordic Countries

Students who seek to study abroad have now a plethora of options in North America, South America, Asia and Europe.
Almost all northern European countries have opened their doors to international students by restructuring their existing infrastructure and courses of study.
The phrase 'Nordic countries' stands for the countries like Norway, Sweden, Denmark, and Finland and Iceland as well.
In this article, we'll make an attempt to discover international education scenario in Norway, Sweden and Finland.
Various Norwegian educational institutions are nowadays delivering much more importance to international education with above 170 master level programs being offered in English.
Norway also abides by the guidelines of European higher education.
As a result, students continuing their study in Norway will be recognized in other countries for their degrees and certificates received here.
International students won't have to pay any tuition fees in this country as laid down by a specific rule.
The cost of living and study in Norway is comparatively higher than other countries.
However, students from foreign countries can avail financial support to meet their living costs here.
There are several student scholarship programs, student loans, and fellowship programmes available to bear the expenses of an entire course or a specific number of semesters.
More than 10,000 foreign students are currently a part of the Norwegian higher education system.
You can choose your desired program from a host of undergraduate and graduate programs offered by many colleges and universities.
Some of the renowned universities in Norway include Norwegian Universities of Life Sciences, University of Oslo, University of Bergen, and Norwegian University of Science and Technology.
Sweden is the second Nordic country that is capable of fulfilling all your educational needs through a number of highly recognized universities and colleges.
The country offers all kinds of graduate, postgraduate, and certificate programs to make your study in Sweden an extremely gratifying experience.
International students should send their applications to study in Sweden only through the portal Studera.
After opening an account at the portal, you can fill the application form there mentioning a list of courses, in order of preference.
Take a printout of this form and send it together with the officially scrutinized copies of your required educational documents to the address of University Studies in Sweden.
The notification regarding your selection to the desired program will reach you some months prior to the commencement of the semester.
The universities in Sweden that attract more number of overseas students include Blekinge Institute of Technology, University of Gothenburg, Stockholm University, University of Boras and Dalarna University.
If you want a safe and exotic environment for your international education, a study in Finland will be the most suitable for you.
Some universities in this country are continually rated among top universities of the world.
Outside students can make their study a low-cost affair here by opting for a course from several tuition-free universities.
The list of top universities in Finland consists of University of Helsinki, University of Turku, Helsinki University of Technology, University of Oulu, and University of Kuopio.

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