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How to Sew Upholstery Buttons Onto Fabric

    • 1). Thread a needle with about 8 inches of thread. Tie a small knot at the end of the thread and trim off any excess.

    • 2). Hold your fabric so the front side is facing you. Place the upholstery button in the spot where you want it attached, holding it in place with the thumb and pointer finger of your left hand.

    • 3). Run the needle through the back side of the fabric so it pierces the material and comes up through the front side of the fabric. Make sure the needle is right up against the back fixture of the upholstery button.

    • 4). Run the needle through the back fixture of the upholstery button, then point the needle downward and pierce the fabric again, pulling the needle back to the underside of the fabric. Pull it taut.

    • 5). Repeat Steps 3 and 4 three more times, keeping the thread taut.

    • 6). Weave the needle through the stitches in the back of the fabric and tie a knot so the threads are secure. Cut the needle off of the thread.

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