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Improve Direct Mail Response Rates With Promotional Products

Direct mail has been proven an effective marketing technique that generates new business.
The same is true for promotional products.
A number of research studies have shown that giving away promotional items augments a company's clientele base significantly.
As both are important strategies in the marketing of a business, many are now combining these two approaches for an even more successful outcome.
Promotional products, when paired with a piece of direct mail, can greatly increase direct mail response rates.
Experts say that sending a promotional product along with a piece of direct mail can increase the response rate by as much as 50 percent.
One real life case study involves a local mortgage company in a particular city.
In the past, this certain company had utilized the methods of direct mail only.
However, after learning about the maximum benefits associated with combining direct mail strategies with promotional products, a change was to be made.
This certain mortgage company worked with a promotional consultant to create the ideal scenario and include both strategies in the same campaign.
In addition, this business was already effectively incorporating the use of a mailing list, which the firm's in-house marketing director had created.
The results of the previous attempts of direct mail submissions were to be compared with the new approach of giving away promotional items along with the sales letters.
Each recipient on the mailing list received a personalized letter advertising a certain interest rate and explaining the details and legal restrictions that were involved.
The material was time-sensitive and the packaging indicated so.
The letter welcomed potential clients to make plans to purchase their first home, to refinance their existing home, or to upgrade into that house that they had been dreaming of.
In addition to the sales letter the local mortgage company had composed, members of the marketing team also enclosed a small, easily mailable promotional item that fit easily into the package and didn't add extreme costs to the postal fees.
Small pads of paper in the shape of a house were an added bonus.
Imprinted on the pads of paper was the complete contact information for the mortgage company including the names of the owners, web site URL, phone number, address, and hours of operation.
Potential clients received the invitation to respond to the special offer via the direct mail piece, as well as a free gift item- one that was extremely simple, but one that could also be useful for taking notes during their mortgage process.
The results were better than expected.
This mortgage company noted a forty percent increase in the response rate of their efforts using both the direct mail sales letter in conjunction with the free promotional item.
Remember these helpful suggestions when organizing your next direct mail campaign.
-Give your prospective clients a reason to respond.
Involve a brand new incentive, or a special discount.
Tell them about a new program.
-Choose a promotional item to send that mails easily.
Gift cards are an excellent example.
Offer potential customers a few free ring tones for their cellular phones.
Giveway a free Itunes song.
Other mailable promotional products include magnets, bookmarks, wide shaped pens, letter openers, mouse pads, and pads of paper.
-Remember also the demographics involved with those you desire to reach.
If you are targeting first time homeowners, connect your promotional products to this group's age group, values, beliefs, and economic status.
Also consider relating your promotional items to a certain theme.
If you are promising to save your potential clients money on their down payments, choose an item that will express this.
For instance, you could imprint a money clip with your business' logo and contact information.
-Have a time-sensitive offer.
Give your recipients a deadline by which to respond.
Many businesses have used direct mail strategies because of the powerful marketing technique that it is.
It can reach new clients and generate new business.
Similarly, other companies give away promotional products for their advertising.
Experts have shown statistics indicating that both of these marketing strategies are very effective in increasing customers and sales in a company.
Doubling these tactics can take your business to the next level.
Have you considered combining these two approaches for an even more successful outcome? Contact one of our helpful promotional consultants today to imprint the product of your choice.
Pairing promotional products with direct mail sales letters increases customer response rates.
Experts say that sending a promotional product along with a piece of direct mail can increase the response rate by as much as 50 percent.

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