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Article Writing For Beginners Or I Don"t Know How to Write Articles

If you are a article writing beginner or not getting the results you hoped for, I want to help you.
Can't seem to get started? Let me tell you how to get started.
I'm so glad you found me.
I've been article writing for over a year now and I can sympathize with you.
When you're a beginner, it can seem a bit overwhelming.
That blank screen or that blank piece of paper can be the most daunting thing.
Your mind goes blank and no words will come.
Been there, overcame it.
Now add the fact that you hope to increase traffic to your business or a affiliate program you're promoting to earn yourself some money, that really increases your writer's block.
You not only have to write an article that people will want to read but one that will get people to follow your link and hopefully make a sale.
Talk about pressure, no wonder you're staring at a blank page.
By now you've probably been overdosed on keyword optimization, search engine optimization (seo); long tail keywords, niche specific keywords, till your head feels like it is about to explode.
There are so many things to remember, it's no wonder you don't have anything left to formulate a decent thought much less make it interesting.
Article writing is not easy in the beginning, but it can be fun.
Now there are people who take to article writing like a fish to water but then there are those of us who need a bit more coaching, some hand holding, and better information.
Fortunately for me, I found two resources that helped me a great deal.
But right now I want to give you something to think about.
1) You are not writing the great American novel, okay.
You are writing an article.
You are writing about something that interests you, and hope will interest other people enough to click through.
So you don't have to be Arthur Miller.
Take that pressure off yourself.
2) Don't over think it.
Just do it.
Don't worry about syntax, grammar or anything else.
Just start writing.
Writing is like a recipe, you need to get all the ingredients together first before you can make the dish.
Does it make a difference if you put the salt in your preparation area first before you go pick up the sugar, no.
You just have to have it there when you need it.
Same thing with writing, write down the things you want to say, then you work on making them read nice.
3) You can rewrite, you don't have to have it perfect the first time you write it.
You can tweak it.
Just don't tweak it till you never finish it.
4) You will get better and faster.
5) Just start writing.
I know I said this before, but I can't over emphasize this enough.
Just start writing, the ideas will come, the thoughts will flow.
6) Relax and enjoy yourself.
The weight of the free world does not rest on your article.
Get her done, dude.

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