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Email Marketing - Building Rapport Through an ASK Campaign

If you are serious about email marketing and list building, it would be wise to find out what your market wants.
One of the best ways to do this is to set up an ASK campaign, or a survey.
Focus on asking and getting answers to 100 questions about whatever your interest is.
If you do this, you will be way ahead of the game and in a far better position than most marketers because you will know exactly what your market wants.
When you are in that position, it makes it easy to write emails, write copy, and provide content for your list.
It might seem odd, but when attempting to set up your survey questions, it might be a good idea to hold off on collecting names and email address in order to focus on getting as many answers to as many questions as you can within a shorter period of time.
In the long run, the amount of insight that you gain into the mind of your market will more than make up for the few names that you didn't get on your list while getting your 100 answers.
Now, once you have the answers you get from your questions to write bullet points on sales copy, headlines, and other things on your squeeze page.
You now have a true window into the mind of your prospect, because with a survey, you don't have to rely on guess work and assumptions.
If you want to use paid advertising for your ASK campaign, start by asking what they want.
Then on your thank-you page you can then offer the opportunity to join your list.
Another technique is to offer a free e-course or free report on the squeeze page to get the prospect to opt-in.
Then, the Thank you page say something along the lines of: "Thanks for subscribing.
You'll be getting your first lesson soon.
In the meantime, what is you single biggest question about ____ topic.
" This process will help you to begin building a relationship with your niche.
Then, while you are developing content based on the answers to the questions in the survey, you can also recommend products that are worthwhile to your list.
If you want to skyrocket your Internet success and income, you should take seriously the job of building a bond and rapport with your list.
That is done by having personality, offering valuable content, and being trustworthy in your product recommendations.
If you do those things, you will be able to make much more money in the long run, and your list will benefit much more from your email marketing as well.
At the end of the day, the survey is all about selling your list what they want, as opposed to selling them what you want to sell them - which is what most people do.
Don't be like most people.
Set yourself apart from the crowd.

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