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Cardio Training and A Healthy Heart

In a previous article I wrote about the benefits of cardio training and how it can help you to have a very healthy heart.
The article I wrote was just about basic cardio workouts.
In this article I am going to give you some benefits of cardio interval training and your heart health.
This is a bit more advanced.
I hope you get a lot out of what I am writing.
Everything to do with your health and fitness begins with a healthy heart.
During our lifetimes we do things to enhance the hearts health and to harm it.
The heart is basically just a muscle like any other muscle in your body.
If you exercise it and get it working harder, it will get stronger.
If you live a sedentary lifestyle, smoke, drink, eat a lot of fatty foods, etc.
, you will age it faster.
There are some things we can't control like age, your gender, and anything that is hereditary.
What we can control is what we eat.
Cut out fatty foods and eat more raw foods.
If you smoke, STOP! One pack a day can double or triple your chances of a heart attack.
Among the highest risk factors are male sex, age over 35, cigarette smoking, high blood pressure, high levels of certain fats in your blood, and a family history of cardiovascular disease.
Additional health factors that the above unhealthy habits can start in your body are high blood pressure, cholesterol problems, weight problems, and even worse cardiovascular problems.
Quit smoking if you do smoke and start on a low in fat diet of vegetables, fruits, and lower fat meats.
This is an awesome start even you don't want to work out.
Even moderate exercise can help,tremendously, to make your heart stronger.
3-4 times a week on a treadmill at a brisk walk can help, or just walk.
Light jogging a few times a week is good also.
Some aerobics exercises will go a long way towards a healthy heart.
I am not talking about training for the Olympics here.
Almost anybody can do a bit of aerobics, jogging, and or walking daily.
Mix your cardio training up daily.
Take a brisk walk or jog the first day.
Don't do too much.
maybe walk a half mile each time you walk for a week.
The next week extend it out to a mile.
Keep doing this week to week.
This would be the same with jogging or any aerobics exercises.
I am not going to get into all the different aerobics exercises you can do.
Just Google aerobic exercises and you will find tons of them.
The important thing is to do something different on a daily basis.
Do the walking or jogging at least 3 times a week and then some form of aerobics 3 times a week with a day off.
Don't do so much that you develop a lot of muscle soreness or you will quit.
Just keep it simple.
This is designed to get your heart rate elevated and working a bit.
Increase distance and reps each week to 2 weeks.
This will continue to keep muscle soreness away and will increase your heart's workload.
If you do not cut out your unhealthy habits to go along with the cardio interval training, then you lose.
You will have way many more health related problems than you need and you will probably die a lot sooner than you should.
Stop smoking, cut out the bad diet, and don't lead a sedentary lifestyle.
Do the cardio training to increase the heart rate and get the blood moving.
You will notice a big difference in how you feel, your energy level, your weight,and how you feel about yourself.
It is well worth the little effort it takes to do this.
So get off your phone, off Facebook and Twitter, and get off your butt and do it! Thanks For Reading, Scott

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