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Roadblocks to Getting a Woman

Finding and getting a woman or getting a girlfriend does not have to be an Olympian feat.
I believe that each and every day we walk by or see a woman that is our Mrs.
Why are we missing these opportunities to catch hold of the woman that is destined to be with us? The answer begins and ends with us.
Maybe our standards are too high.
Perhaps we don't take care of our personal hygiene as well as we should.
It could also be that we don't take care in our personal appearance.
I am going to delve into these three roadblocks to show how much each one can seriously damage your hopes of attracting your soul mate to you.
We are often so busy looking at the 'perfect ten' that we miss opportunities with women every day.
We are guilty so often of judging women by their looks that we completely miss our possible compatibility with them.
We are so busy comparing 'Mrs.
Average' to the 'Perfect Ten' that we lose out on both possibilities.
Forget about the perfect ten woman.
She's forgotten about you already because she's too busy looking for her 'Mr.
Ten' that she doesn't even consider you.
Stop comparing and "judging a book by its cover.
" For all we know, that 'book' could be the best discovery we ever made and the story that unfolds keeps us awake all night because it is too fascinating to put down.
Of course women aren't books but I think the analogy is a good one.
Take a look at all the average women out there because they form a huge percentage of the female population.
Amid all these women, the right one for you is there if you'll stop long enough to notice her.
She's already noticed you so don't be blind.
Approach her and look at the possibilities.
The "Clothing Makes the Man.
" This is so true.
If you look good, you feel good and will send out positive vibes to all the people around you, especially women.
Women notice a man that takes pride in the clothing that he chooses to put on his body.
Women aren't interested in men that go out wearing scruffy jeans, sweatshirts and running shoes.
It shows them that these guys have no money and probably have problems supporting themselves.
It also shows them that they have no class.
Women are not attracted to men they think they will have to support financially or to men that can't dress appropriately for the occasion.
If this guy can't or won't pull himself together in his endeavour to pick up a woman, then what other aspects of his life is suffering or failing.
Meeting women is akin to a job interview when it comes to what to wear.
Dress for the occasion.
You don't have to wear a suit to the bar.
That's not what I am talking about.
But, you do need to dress for success.
Wear clothing that looks good on you so that you feel good.
Feeling good lends to self-confidence and women are highly attracted to self-confident men.
Confident men always get the women.
It's as simple as that.
This next one is probably the number one roadblock to even getting within a woman's space long enough to ask her out.
Having poor hygiene is a huge turnoff for anyone and women are no exception.
They will not even consider a guy that has body odour, bad breath or facial hair that is long and unruly.
They will avoid a guy that has any of these things like the plague.
They will even go so far as to approach a guy in a club that she isn't even interested in just to have him act as a 'block' to you approaching her.
I am serious about this because I have acted as a 'blocker' on more than one occasion.
If you do have poor hygiene, this is not something you can hide by cleaning up for a night at the bar.
You need to train yourself into showering and applying deodorant at least once a day.
You also need to make a habit of brushing your teeth after each meal and when you get up in the morning.
If you're a smoker or coffee drinker, chew gum to keep your breath fresh.
Groom your facial hair.
If you must have a beard or mustache, keep them neat.
Shave every day and shave just before you go out clubbing to meet women because women don't like the feel of rough stubble if you happen to get within kissing distance.
Take some personal pride in your body because it truly is your shrine.
Roadblocks to success with women can be overcome.
Don't judge women as not worthy of you because she is average.
Would you want women to write you off because they think that you're average? Average looking women and men, for that matter is the norm.
You are eliminating great opportunities by doing this.
Meeting women should be treated as a great occasion.
Wear your best semi-casual duds that you feel and look good in.
Be yourself and be comfortable in what you wear and women will notice you.
Getting noticed by women is breaking an important barrier and is half the battle won right there.
It is your ticket over to her table.
Don't blow it by having bad personal hygiene.
Be clean and smell clean.
Take pride in your personal appearance.
Groom your facial hair and make sure the hair on your head isn't oily or dirty.
Women are perfectly willing to meet or date average guys but they simply draw the line at poor personal hygiene.
Like I said in the beginning, all these roadblocks can be overcome if you can spot them within yourself and take the appropriate action to remove these barriers.
Always keep in mind that you are near the perfect woman for you every day.
Take the blinders off and remove your personal barriers to her.

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