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How to List a Book Author in a Bibliography

    APA Style

    • 1). List sources in a bibliography according to the authors' last names.

    • 2). List the author's last name, then a comma, then the initial of the author's first name.

    • 3). List multiple authors the same way, separating the authors with commas and placing an ampersand before the name of the last author: Beck, A. T., Epstein, N., Brown, G., & Steer, R. A.

    MLA Style

    • 1). List sources by the authors' last names.

    • 2). List the last name first, followed by a comma and the first name spelled out completely.

    • 3). List multiple authors with the first author's last name first, followed by the first name spelled out, and then a comma. Then list the other authors by first name, last name and a comma. Separate authors with a comma and put the word "and" before the final author's name: Hewitt, Les, Andrew Hewitt, and Luc d'Abadie.

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