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Claiming For A Personal Injury In A Company Car Accident

A personal injury can happen any time, any place, but road traffic accidents are one of the most common causes of harm.
For those who drive company cars, the risk of being involved in a crash are slightly higher, as they tend to be doing more driving.
Fortunately, company car drivers have as much right to make a personal injury claim for an accident on the roads as any other motorist.
However, the procedure can be a bit trickier.
Following a car crash, any injured party should have their health assessed by a professional, and the police should be called.
The information they collect, such as a medical report and witness statements, can help in proving your claim by giving a sense of what happened.
If you were hurt in such an accident your main concern will be on recovering first and foremost, but when the time comes to launch a possible claim and be financially compensated for the harm caused, you are likely to benefit from using an expert legal team to handle the whole case.
They will know the procedures inside and out and be able to look after the whole process - it is well worth finding a lawyer to do this for you.
Problems with making an injury claim for an accident while driving a company car can begin at the outset.
Some employers try to prevent their staff from making a claim, or want their legal experts to be the ones to decide whether you should get compensation.
But remember that it is your right to launch a legal fight if you think you are justified in doing so, and you can use attorneys that you choose, not your bosses.
Do not take "no" for an answer if your employer says you cannot make a claim.
If you have had an accident while driving a company car that was not your fault you have every right to make a claim and your employer should not hinder the process.
As a company car driver you must be provided with a vehicle that is properly maintained and fit for purpose.
If, for example, the car has not been repaired properly or services are not carried out on time, your employer could be found liable.
They must adhere to the health and safety regulations governing the provision of company vehicles, and if they have not done so and a problem with the car resulted in an accident and personal injury, they may be found at fault.
The general rule is the same as if you were in the workplace - bosses must do all they reasonably can to reduce the risk of injury and prevent foreseeable accidents.
Just as with any other accident that was not your fault, you could be entitled to receive compensation to help pay for treatment or care and ease the worry if you were unable to work.
Whether you suffered whiplash or concussion or had broken bones or head or spine injuries, you can find out about making a personal injury claim.

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