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Get His Attention - Make His Head Spin

Has it become a chore going out there, meeting men and trying to find a way of getting their attention? Is there so much competition, so many women that you feel you just don't have what it takes to compete? Are you clueless as to what men are really looking for? Maybe this article can clue you in.
You've probably noticed that when an overtly sexy woman enters a room, all eyes turn to her.
Well, that might be one way to get attention, but you really have to wonder; is this the kind of attention you want? That woman will probably have a lot of guys wanting to get into her pants, but few are really going to want to sit down and talk with her.
A lot of women automatically assume that a man's emotions can come of a great hop in the sack.
Give him great sex and he'll give you all the love in the world.
Few men have the capacity to give much of anything after they've had their sexual desires fulfilled.
That doesn't mean you need to go out dressed like a nun, but you do want to show guys that while you can be sexy, you still have enough respect for yourself to not put everything out on display.
A whole different class of men will be paying attention to you if you show that you have a whole lot more to offer than just sex appeal.
Men who are apt to get involved in a serious relationship with a woman rarely look at the woman who is sleazily dressed and take her seriously.
They may want to look at her, be amused by her, but that will be it.
Build your relationship from the ground up, the sex being the very top of the relationship.
Try first to be a friend.
Do you guys get along well? Do you have fun together? Can you share a bunch of different activities and enjoy them together? Can you talk about anything and do you like how he makes you laugh? These are all the things that your relationship will be built on.
It's important during this stage that you show your admiration and appreciation for him.
You want him to leave every date remembering how great you made him feel.
Don't just brag and boast about all the great things in your life and ignore his accomplishments.
You're in this together so you should both be feeling great about yourselves and each other.
Emotionally you will both become drawn to one another and the start of the romance will begin there.
This can be an exciting time in a relationship.
You're both nervous, anxious and wondering what the other is thinking and feeling.
As eager as you might be to find out how he's feeling about you, don't let that become the topic of every conversation.
Let the relationship grow at a nice slow speed and don't try to rush it along.
Enjoy this time and trust that when he's ready, he'll open up and tell you about his feelings for you.

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