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Where to Find and Attract Prospects on the Internet

If you are an internet marketer looking to attract prospects on the web, there are many methods that exist.
Before you start branching out, make sure you have a professional website and an opt-in form set up.
When you feel comfortable with your real estate on the web, you can consider these different areas to start spreading your brand.
Search Engine Optimization (SEO) SEO methods are used to increase a website's rankings in the search engines based on a set of keywords which users type into the query boxes.
It generally takes a good year or more to gain some real authority in the search engine's eyes especially if you are in a highly competitive market.
You can, however, target less competitive keywords and gain some prospects that way until your website ranks for the more popular terms.
Social Media Social media is a free way to connect with potential prospects in a more laid back fashion.
You can give people a glimpse into the person behind the face of the company and offer value through great information and answering questions.
Social media provides a platform for businesses to portray their desire to meet the needs of their audience and as a result they attract more prospects.
Forums fall under this general category as well as they promote communication between marketer and prospect and allow you to showcase your leadership status in the industry.
Remember to refrain from sales in forums and only give people what they need while offering advice.
If not, you could be kicked out and your reputation may suffer.
Pay per Click (PPC) PPC is a paid method and a faster way to get on the first few pages of the search engines rather than SEO.
You set up advertisements and bid on keywords and when people click on your ad you pay a certain amount per click.
PPC campaigns require extensive knowledge to run and require a monthly budget.
You can set your advertising budget prior to running your ads.
You should test all of your ads and their conversion rates so you do not lose money.
Content Marketing Content marketing represents a great way to attract more prospects especially if your content is superior.
Articles, press releases, videos and podcasts would all fall under the umbrella of content marketing.
The more quality content you distribute to the directories, the more prospects you will attract to your business.
In my free "Accelerated Internet Success System", I show you what you will need to get these methods up and running.
With these methods, you can add each of these strategies to your campaign which I guarantee will make a difference.
Strive to always offer value with your methods and your company will flourish as a result.

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