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Your Personal Injury Claim and Using A Private Investigator Service

How a Private Investigator can help you if you have been involved in an accident and are looking for personal injury compensation

Using a Private Investigator for Personal Injury Claims

Frequent types of personal injury claims arise from road traffic accidents, work related incidents, accidents at home and products that prove faulty.

Should you suffer an injury due to being involved in an accident then you could be entitled to compensation via a personal injury claim.

What is important when making a personal injury claim is that you prove that a third party is indeed at fault and that your account of matters is validated.

When it comes to starting a personal injury claim, then hiring a Private Investigator will remove a lot of the difficulty and anxiety when it comes to gathering the information necessary to prove your innocence and the guilt of the other party.

A Private Investigator will in any accident, gather data about the location, the time, the day, the weather and ascertain accurately what has happened and to do this he will add photographs and witness statements.

Workplace Accident

Accidents at work raise additional questions if you have suffered an injury and include finding out if poor safety procedures were a factor, or whether it was due to faulty apparatus, a failure to mention related health hazards or if a possible lack of adequate training was a contributing factor.

Exposure to dangerous substances such as latex and asbestos, amongst others, plus sport related injuries are other incidents that can lead to possible personal injury claims and compensation.

Here is a case in point that highlights what our award winning Private Investigator was able to do for a previous client that was involved in an incident that happened at night and at a pedestrian crossing.

Whilst conducting his investigation at the incident location, our investigator discovered that one of the beacon lights was malfunctioning which created a period where the flashing light sequence was inadequate and did not comply with requirements.

This piece of evidence was presented in court and had a major impact on the case with our client receiving the benefits.

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