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SEO in Universities of London

University is great. As an IT student I have learned A LOT - programming, web design, 3D. The course was my stepping stone to my career. There's just one thing... What about SEO?

Lack of search engine optimisation courses in learning institutions.

Like many of you I was a student once (not that long ago actually). While studying in one of London's University I haven't really discovered any SEO related courses nor did I meet any students or tutors with relevant knowledge. Heck, I didn't even know about this thing called search engine optimisation.

Sure, there is a long list of 'online marketing crap' material which in my opinion is a mere waste of time. Regretfully, the lack of SEO lectures didn't bother me at that time.

So why is there no SEO for IT related courses?

I believe one of the biggest reasons for SEO-less courses is because older tutors, lecturers and professors do not have much knowledge about SEO standards and how SEO is done nowadays. Way back in the day, search engine optimisation was mostly about mindless keyword stuffing (and you don't need to study a lot in order to write a pile of keywords) and blind link building. Search engine optimisation simply wasn't labeled as important and worthy of being taught by our brilliant professors. I suppose it did not even deserve to be labelled as a separate teaching module.

Another reason is that many institutions worry SEO will be too complex and the return on investment will be very low.

I'd say it's time prioritise SEO in learning institutions. But how?

We could start by hiring some people who actually HAVE some search engine optimisation experience, people who understand what is a quality content, link building and keyword research. People who understand how critical is social media nowadays.

We could also stop hiring people who teach basic CSS/HTML in third course. People who think Facebook is for chatting only.

I would love to hear your suggestions in the comments section below.

Before I end my short post there is one obvious advice for young people thinking about learning SEO in university.

The questions is: should you go to the university purely to learn SEO? Or rather invest your time in learning SEO online?

The answer is this - you probably should NOT go to a university for this. Yes, you will definitely learn a lot of great stuff - programming, web design, problem solving, rational thinking and most importantly you will gain confidence in your skills.

However if you want pure SEO material, I suggest finding another, less expensive and less time consuming way to learn it. There are tons of articles, tutorials and videos online, which will help you learn SEO.

Maybe in the near future we will start seeing some SEO material involved.

Thank you for reading my article. []

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