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Dating Professional - Cell Phone Conflicts in Dating Relationships

How are your cell phone habits? Are you a dating professional when it comes to cell phone etiquette? Or do you need some help to make a change in your modus operandi? When you're out on a date, do you pick up your cell phone whenever it rings? If you are so quick to answer your phone when you're out with someone who is supposed to be special to you, your actions are disrespectful to your date.
Of course, if you have an important call coming, it's okay to take the call, but be sure to let your date know beforehand that you are expecting a call and that you need to take this one.
One habit that my husband has that really makes me respect him more is that when he is out with me on a date or out with friends and relatives, he puts his cell phone on vibrate or turns it off and won't answer the phone because he values the time of the people he is with.
It's all about valuing people and knowing that their time is valuable and when we spend time with people, we should really be with them and give them our full attention and quality time.
When you value people, the people you are with will feel special and know that you care about them.
When you pick up the phone and chat with your friends while you're out on a date and keep talking for a long time, don't wonder why your date will quickly lose interest in you and feel like leaving because you are not even paying attention to him or her.
That's just impolite behavior on your part and is not the makings of a dating professional who will have great success in the dating seeking world.
If you're constantly on the phone when out with your boyfriend or girlfriend, you will show them with your actions that he or she is not your number one priority.
Technology has such a grip on us in this modern age that we are always on our cell phones or texting or focusing online with our blackberry or iPhone.
I remember the days when we didn't have cell phones and we survived.
Then those big cell phones in the bag with the battery packs that had to stay in your cars came along.
Don't get me wrong; I carry my cell phone with me and I also have an iPhone for work.
So, I carry two cell phones with me.
But I am careful to have good cell phone habits that respect others.
If you're so focused on the technology of the cell phone and blackberry and iPhone, you could miss out on your perfect match who might be eying you from across the room.
A dating professional is always willing, ready and able to take on the dating seeking world by force of great confidence and is on the lookout for romance.
Don't make the mistake of missing out on meeting your soul mate by being swept up by technology.
It's great to utilize the Internet for online dating or matchmaking, but make sure when you're out and about, you are really there.
That means that you should stand out from the crowd when you're getting coffee in the morning before work.
When you're in the cafés and then later on out at lunch break, don't be stuck in a rut always talking on your cell phone.
Of course, if you need to be on the phone for work purposes, that's understandable and you need to make time for that.
However, if you are trying to become a dating professional and want to find your perfect match, then pay attention to your cell phone etiquette and start going after your goal of success.

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