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How to Kill the Hoppy Taste in a Beer

    • 1). Use less hops than your beer-making kit calls for, or than you have used in the past. This will decrease bitterness in the beer and also decrease the overall hops flavor. You can also accomplish this by using a type of hops that has less alpha acid.

    • 2). Boil your beer with the hops in it for a shorter period of time. Boil less so less of the hops flavor will get into the beer.

    • 3). Add honey to the beer towards the end of the fermentation process. The sweetness of the honey will help to mask the bitterness of the hops. However, don't do this while the beer is very hot, as it will decrease the honey's flavor.

    • 4). Allow the beer to age at room temperature in the keg anywhere from one to three months. The longer the beer ages, the weaker the hops taste.

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