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Guidelines To Increase Your Conversions On Your Landing Page

If you want to win the trust of the visitors and increase conversions in your website, it is very important improve the quality of your landing page. These squeeze pages are, generally speaking, product pages of e-commerce site or pages including contact forms.

Today, several start-ups provide you with the high performance tracking tools to evaluate the behavior of the visitors in your landing pages.

How you can diagnose the quality of landing pages?

According to Google, the caliber of a squeeze page is measured using different criteria: usefulness and relevance of data provided about the page, ease of navigation for that user, time of page load, quantity of links page, transparency of knowledge, development of a procurement process and delivery, etc..

When viewing your landing page, it is interesting to acquire information on the first elements seen by Internet users, such as menu navigation, google, the shopping cart application, contact page, etc. .

To measure user behavior, several online services offer the ability to record the clicks of users and make up a heat map (heatmap) for every of your webpages.

However, these tracking tools are based on click data rather than on user tests in a room with eye-tracking system (eye tracking) which records the gaze direction accurately User.

However, some great benefits of creating a heat map to improve your landing page are numerous:

- Through the study phase for any recast of your web project: analyze the usability of your old how do people identify the important thing points to help keep on your future site. Don't hesitate to also testing internally on your own competitors' sites.

- When creating your web project: the heat map can help you identify the areas most visited your web models, and discover, interactively, the ideal area for your search engines or maybe your ads.

- Following your launch of one's web project: detecting anomalies navigation, combine important computer data with your google analytics heat map to better analyze the behavior of the Internet, observe the most memorized, get tops referers elements most clicked, obtain better Stats in your conversion rate, ...

You'll learn, the heat map is essential for any affiliate marketers who wish to analyze user behavior on different pages, and find out what will be most useful and most visible for them. You will see that one of the most optimal position from the elements isn't necessarily what you expect on certain pages.

Moreover, unlike eye tracking, the perfect solution is heat map is fairly simple to implement on your own website which for a very affordable cost.

These solutions tracking the behavior of Internet users are also a great addition to the map of clicks Google Analytics that will help you detect and resolve problems positioning your posts and they will offer answers to decrease your bounce rate.

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