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The Road to Freedom

We talk about equality.
We pray that justice prevails in everything.
And yet how is it that a numberless people get away from it? How is it that getting admitted in schools and colleges becomes easier with a little back up? That a letter of recommendation from a big shot makes a particular candidate fit for a job, leaving behind the deserving ones not qualified enough to have it.
Or that a little bribing allows some people to encroach some restricted areas and wrong some things.
Why is it that murderers still get away from the hands of justice? That years and years are too less time to give some deserving people the right amount of justice for a deadly wrong done to them.
Like Jessica Lal's.
That some of those who are adorned with fame and wealth seemed to have more power to free themselves from being caught for committing some kind of crime and even if they were, are bailed out easier and at the earliest? That even in matter of life and death some almost dying people were not treated because they could not afford it.
That it's not even safe for women to venture out all by themselves in cities like Delhi.
That rape cases are only increasing day by day.
Even in broad day light.
And we call ourselves free citizens living in an independent country, seeing a lot of illegal things happening right infront of us but having no say to it because no one would probably hear us.
So much has already been said and done about freedom.
Maybe it's one thing we would long for, all our lives.
Who knows? We could claim to be living in a country that has observed more than 50 years of independence and still not be free from a lot of things.
We could be deprived of getting into jobs that we had toiled and sweated for.
Our voices could still go unheard because there is so much politics going on everywhere.
Our parents could sacrifice their all for the sake of our education, paying high prices to get us into the best of schools, colleges and institutes and may not still live to see us holding our dream jobs in our hands.
So many girls' lives could be at stake with the cases of rape making news every fortnight.
Most of the accused have run free.
What about the victims' lives? Do they not deserve the right justice? Perhaps our state has seen lesser cases but does that mean it's not happening at all? We see a lot of things being sold in black, done in black.
All behind but seen and known by everyone.
Liquor and stuffs.
We try to maintain a perfect image on the outside.
But all that glitters does not mean they are good and bright.
There are a lot of unspoken voices today.
Maybe we are too afraid to even voice them.
And while every kinds of wrong is happening right under our nose, who is it to blame? It would be wrong to say the government has not done enough.
Nor the officers or those in higher positions.
Perhaps the problem lies in our own individual self.
We need a change of mind and attitude.
It's about time we take stands for what is right, to ignore bribes, to lessen corruption and work towards achieving true freedom.
For being free is having no fear to stand for what is true and right.
Starting with a little change, we could see our spirits soaring free.
Equality and justice will follow when freedom takes it's true flight.

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