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Detailed Job Description of the Staff Nurse in an Operating Room

    Circulator Nurse

    • Before an operation, staff nurses prepare the patient and operating facilities for surgery. Circulator nurses manage the pre-operative care of patients and help the surgical team prepare all necessary equipment. The circulator nurse assesses a patient's condition before, during and after an operation and serves as a patient advocate.

    RN First Assistant

    • The registered nurse (RN) first assistant directly assists the surgeon during an operation by controlling bleeding, operating medical devices, cutting and handling tissue and suturing during a procedure.

    Perioperative RN Educator

    • Like the circulator nurse, perioperative RN educators act as patient advocates. They inform patients and their families of the details regarding surgical treatment and care so they can make informed decisions.

    Scrub Nurse

    • In the operating room, the scrub nurse works directly with surgeons to ensure a sterile work environment. Scrub nurses pass sponges and other instruments needed during a procedure after thoroughly scrubbing with a special disinfecting soap. Scrub nurses wear surgical gloves, eyewear, gowns and caps.

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