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About Medications for Dog Ear Infections


    • Medications for canine ear infections usually come in ointments or medicated drops. There may be oral antibiotics to take if the situation calls for it. If the ear infection is caused by ear mites, then the drops will be called pesticides, made up of insecticides called pyrethrins. If the drops are for fungal or yeast infections, then the drops are usually rifamycin.


    • Get the dog to sit. Either have a helper hold the dog or put a muzzle on, if necessary, so the dog doesn't bite. Pull the outer ear over the dog's head, if necessary, or just flip it back out of the way. Hold the bottle as straight as possible, with the tip down. Place the tip into the ear canal and squeeze. Gently massage the area right beneath the ear to let the medicine spread. The dog will want to shake his head, so you need to let the ear flap fall back into place and rub it gently, praising the dog all the while. Have a good treat in store for a well-behaved dog that is only given after ear drops so it looks forward to getting the drops.


    • If dog ear infections are left untreated, your dog will go through unnecessary pain and can go deaf in the infected ear. Damage occurs in the inner ear, affecting the dog's coordination and sense of balance. Damage can also occur in the outer ear canal, because when a dog keeps scratching his ears or shaking his head, this damages the skin. With more damage, the skin thickens, eventually blocking the ear canal.

    Ear Mite Medicines

    • There are many kinds of pesticides used for killing ear mites in dogs. Please let your vet know if you have any other pets in the house, as some pesticides can be fatal to pet fish, pigs or snakes. Tresaderm (thiabendazole and dexamethasone neomycin sulfate) is a popular choice because it also relieves itching as well as kills the mites, but it includes steroids. Ivermectin also may be used to kill dog ear mites, but this is an off-label use.


    • Only use the medications prescribed by your vet for your dog's ear infections. Do not use human medication, as it's much too powerful for dogs. Don't put flea or tick medicine in your dog's ears, as this can get them very sick and may even kill them.

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