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How Can I Become a Certified Forklift Driver in Michigan?

    • 1). Sign up for a training session. Many Michigan job sites often offer training free of charge. Offsite classes are also available at community colleges, industrial training centers and enrichment centers. Following OSHA guidelines, Michigan requires that an applicant must be generally healthy with no neurological disorders that may affect balance or clear sight. Some businesses require forklift drivers to possess at least a high school diploma or GED though there are no specific educational requirements for attaining a forklift license.

    • 2). Participate in the formal training component. This is the classroom section of the training and usually takes approximately two to four hours. General familiarization with the equipment, operations and safety issues are covered.

    • 3). Practice. Practical training involves practice driving and operating a fork truck under the supervision of a trainer. The length of this training component is at the discretion of the trainer who will observe the student's skills handling the fork truck as well as his attention to detail and safety.

    • 4). Take the Michigan Forklift Certification test. The test section involves a written and practical component. The student must pass the written component and then pass a practical test for the trainer in which the student operates the fork truck. Both sections must be passed to attain certification.

    • 5). Follow up with your supervisor to keep your forklift license active. Forklift re-certification is required bi-annually in Michigan. Generally, a business will not hire a trainer to come in and re-certify forklift operators. The shift supervisor may test and re-certify drivers.

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