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How Poor Attitude And Stress Affects Health

Your attitude and your thinking patterns make an absolute impact on your overall health. Standard medical textbooks used in the United States and in European medical schools state that between 50% to 70% of all illnesses can have a stress related or a psychosomatic component.

Negative thinking, negative attitudes, and the lack of positive focus and vision about where we want to go, the goals we want to achieve, the success we desire to have, all can ruin your health. Your negative thinking and lack of positive purpose may be making you sick.

For instance, have you ever had the experience of working really hard on something for a period of time, and as soon as you get done with the project, all of a sudden you catch a cold? Most everyone has had that happen at least a few times.

It's because you're stressed, you're working really hard over time, and all of a sudden when you let down your body just collapses from within. All the hormones that are pumping you up to keep you going hard, begin to back off and you get ill. This is all about a tension thinking pattern. Stress, worry, anxiety, the tensions, the pressures, are all negative thinking and negative self talk patterns.

To break this cycle, first you begin to notice what the stressful thoughts are, when they come up and what's triggering them. When you catch them, you then you begin to rewrite your negative self talk habit.

Your neurology, your brains patterns, are just habituated thinking. You are building habits and breaking habits on a regular basis. You can do something about any negative habit pattern right now. But, you begin by consciously choosing to change the lousy thinking that supports the habit. You've got to decide that you're going to transform what's going on inside of your head. I'm going to make a difference beginning today.

Decide that you're going to do something that can move you into an ever better tomorrow. You can begin to act and take action in the direction you desire. You can rewrite those old patterns because you don't have to fall into that self-talk garbage that makes you feel sick and out of sorts.

You've got to find a thinking pattern that moves you forward into an ever better day. So that day by day, you feel more enthused, you feel more powerful, you have more of what you want. Do you want a better life? Do you want to have better health, more money, a different lifestyle? It's a choice. You've got to catch the negative self talk habit that blocks you.

There are two types of stress. Eustress and distress. Eustress is good for you. An example of eustress is the feeling you have just issue were packing to go on a long desired vacation. That excitement, that passion, that joy of the coming adventure is an example of eustress. It has the effect of improving your mental health. Eustress boosts your immune system. Eustress feels good to you and gives you motivation to take action.

Distress is detrimental to your health. The tensions, anxieties, apprehension from distress are harmful to both your mind and body. If this carries on a long enough, it can results in chronic illness. Most distress is the result of negative thinking and upsetting self-talk patterns. The best favor you could do yourself is to eliminate your negative thinking.

In the same way that your attitude and your negative thinking patterns can make you sick, your positive thinking, positive focus, positive attitude patterns can improve your health. It's a choice. Every time you take just a moment and create positive goals, they can help you move forward into an ever better life.

So take the time daily to consciously choose the positive. Don't be a statistic. Don't fall into the pattern of those 70% who end up sick because of what's going on inside of their heads. You can control it. Beginning today, you can start having a better and better life. Build the life you desire through moving forward in those attitudes of positive and power. Create those positive thinking habits that support having the life you want

The Best of Success to You.

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