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Cheap Wedding Centerpieces to Make at Home


    • Ordinary items such as paper bags, tissue paper, cans, seasonal fruits and vegetables and pretty napkins and ribbons can be used in your designs. Dollar stores are a great resource. Searching for your supplies long before you need them allows you to gather items in special colors and in larger supplies when they first become available.

    Throw-away Items

    • One-pound coffee cans look interesting at any time of year with a potted flowering plant in them. You can spray-paint them and add ribbons to match your wedding colors or leave them as-is for a country feeling.

    Inexpensive Glassware

    • A long stem large glass water goblet can be used many different ways. Layer small seashells on the bottom of the goblet and place a tea light inside or wrap the stem with lace or ribbon. Tie two narrow pieces of ribbon at the top of the stem into a bow and crisscross it down the stem. Tie another bow at the bottom.

    Everyday Items

    • Brown or white paper bags or small gift bags make great inexpensive centerpieces. Stand the bags open and place lace doilies of material or paper to peak over the top edges of the bag. Add a pretty plant or tissue paper flowers.

    Edible Centerpieces

    • Cookie-stacked platters or small boxes of candy are an easy centerpiece, and by the end of the evening there's usually nothing left to clean up. Bowls of apples, gourds or mini pumpkins also make pretty centerpieces.

    Start Early and Plant and Grow Some of Your Supplies

    • If you have a green thumb, you can save even more money by growing your own plants, pumpkins or gourds. These can be started from seeds or seedlings at a very low cost.

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