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Promotional Bags for Leisure

Promotional bags rival shirts in the field of effective merchandise for branding.
But laptop cases, travel organizers, shoe bags, and various pouches have been given away so much in the past years.
Many people now have at least two of each kind that they don't want any more of them.
They'd give them away or simply wouldn't appreciate them as gifts.
So if you still want to give out bags for your advertising and promotion activities, choose from some of the fun, but still stylish portable coolers and wine boxes and carriers.
You'll find them in various sizes and features in the market.
Cooler bags have evolved a lot these days.
You can still find them in the classic styles, but you can have them with better quality materials.
Whatever the size or design, many recommend that you choose one with at least a 600 denier fabric.
This material is strong enough to hold your drinks, but would still be smooth in texture.
When choosing the fabric for promotional bags, remember that the higher the denier number, it gets stronger but coarser.
The best ones also have anti-leak lining and dense foam insulation.
You'll also find these portable coolers with pockets and compartments where you can put your bottle opener and other accessories.
Some come with adjustable and detachable strap plus a carry handle, so you can bring them whichever way you want.
A variation of the cooler bag is the wine or beer tub that you can bring to a picnic or a tailgate party.
Like the classic cooler design, it's usually made of textured nylon and anti-leak lining.
You just need to fill it with ice like your usual tub for drinks.
You can also find this in various sizes.
If you're looking for promotional bags for your clients who are executives or if you're advertising luxury brands, a wine gift box is a nice alternative to conference satchels and notebook cases.
Look for those covered in leather and have your logo stitched on them.
These usually go with tools like a foil cutter and a bottle stopper.
They don't normally include the wine itself.
You can buy good quality wines by the bulk at reasonable prices from many stores online.
Another version is the wine carrier in bonded leather.
The best ones come with suede lining.
Your brand should also be stitched on it.
You can find this in 1-bottle and 2-bottle capacities.
You'll find other similar types of promotional bags for fun and parties like lunch bags, picnic baskets, and others.
Know the background of the clients you are targeting and choose the one that they'll appreciate the best.
They'll surely remember your company for it and will even instantly advertise your name when they use the merchandise.

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