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How to Put Bread on an Electric Griddle

    • 1). Apply your desired fat to the surface of your electric griddle. If using solid fats, such as vegetable shortening or butter, they will melt once the griddle is heated. If using a liquid fat, wipe it onto the surface using a paper towel.

    • 2). Turn your electric griddle on to the temperature specified by your bread recipe. Medium to medium-high heat is common for dishes like grilled sandwiches and French toast.

    • 3). Splatter a few droplets of water from your fingertips onto the surface of the griddle when you think it is hot enough. If the droplets skitter and dance on the griddle before evaporating, you are ready to add the bread.

    • 4). Place the bread on the griddle. If cooking multiple pieces at once, leave at least half an inch between the pieces so they do not crowd each other. Crowded food on a griddle does not cook properly.

    • 5). Press the bread down with your spatula and listen for it to sizzle. Sniff the air and smell it cooking. Once you are able to smell it, check to see how brown it is by lifting it up with your spatula.

    • 6). Flip the bread when the bottom has gotten as brown as you want. Cook the second side the same way you did the first. Place it on a plate when it has finished cooking completely.

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