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It"s Beginning to Feel a Lot Like Christmas

Christmas is such a special time we like to make sure that our homes are warm and welcoming to the friends and family that we hope will call in and perhaps even stay over during the holiday period.
For those of us living in the northern hemisphere it can also be a cold and chilly time.
Before the winter blues set in it makes sense to offset any low moods by adding some extra warmth and comfort to your home in preparation for 'hibernation' and staying in during the long dark nights when things like some light evening gardening are no longer a possibility.
Preparing your home for family and friends can be exciting.
As well as looking through holiday brochures in the hope that some sunshine will be on the horizon come the summer, decorations are another thing we all thing of.
Just as important as decorations is the decor in your home.
You might not be up to a full repaint and refloor option at the moment but you can certainly ring the changes and update your environment through judicious use of soft furnishings, curtains and bedding to bring a new look to rooms in your house.
At this time of the year you can justify the expense of new accessories when they help to insulate your rooms and save you money on energy costs in the home.
Thermal lined curtains, cosy throws, snuggly bedding and warm colours to lift your mood or add to a festive theme are all worthwhile.
The satisfaction you experience when you achieve a new look and lift the mood of your household is priceless.
Times are still tough though there is some hope on the horizon as far as the economy is concerned but it might be a while for many of us to feel the benefits of any recovery.
There are online fabrics retailers of curtains and bedding and homeware that have remarkably affordable products, so get browsing and get a bargain.
For the price of a takeaway for two you could easily have a throw or cushions to brighten a room.
Instead of those daily coffee shop lattes you could put the pennies (probably pounds!) away and within a fortnight you could have enough cash for some brand new bedding or curtains or blinds.
You might lose a few pounds in weight too! How good would that feel? You could fit into that snazzy Christmas outfit you want to wear to impress colleagues and family with.
Too many of us over indulge of festive fayre so anything that helps to make you both look and feel good has got to be a bonus.
When the partying and celebrations are over you can relax in comfort in your updated room under a snuggly throw with your new favourite cushion and a good book or DVD or CD and consider what hobby you're going to undertake to get you through to spring time.

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