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Models For Midlife Women

There was a beautiful article about role models for women written by Karen Batchelor and posted on BlogHer this week.
It got me thinking about how few models there are out there - both actual women and women in movies.
The Dove ads are a good start, but we need many more advertisers to get on board with this idea that women's bodies come in all shapes and sizes.
This includes heavy (which the Dove models really aren't).
Hollywood Women blog says there are plenty of role models.
See TV Likes Older Women and Did Hollywood Get the Message About Women? It was great to see Meryl Streep do the cannonball off a dock in a trailer for her latest role in the movie Mamma Mia.
And she said she didn't even have to practice for it but was a cheerleader in her distant past!! She's clearly in very good shape though.
Maybe midlife women are holding their own on the big and small screen, but they make only half of what men make for movies.
And when it comes to real life women, the media is cruel and misogynistic when they step into formerly male roles.
The media excoriated Hilary Clinton last winter during her run for the US Democratic leadership.
She was damned if she did and if she didn't.
See my Women's Place is Where? blog.
When I brought Judith Duerk, (my mentor and author of A Circle of Stones: Woman's Journey to Herself), here to the Sunshine Coast to do a woman's retreat, there was a woman in our group, originally from England, who Judith thought was a wonderful model of aging.
She found her to be feminine, graceful and strong, as I recall, without the brittle quality that so many North American women she knew had.
After my blog on Beyond Body Image posted last week, Nancy Bruno posted a comment to let all of us know about the Beautiful Women Project book featuring 35 women.
I will think you will find the philosophy of this project very refreshing.

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