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Trex Board Ideas

    • Trex and other wood-compoosite decking products offer long-lasting, resilient finishes that maintain their beauty throughout the life of the product. Most can be cut, drilled and fastened with traditional tools using similar techniques to real wood. While cost and added weight can be factors in their use, the low maintenance and consistent appearance are definitely a plus.

    Deck Installations

    • Traditionally Trex boards are used as a surface material for backyard decks. There are number of creative ways to use Trex in deck building.

      Using more than one color of Trex board on a single deck is a great way to create visual interest. Laying an outside frame in one color, with the main part of the deck in another gives a "rug" like effect that adds sophistication.

      Boards can be cut and laid in varying patterns, such as parquet, or herringbone. Parquet floors are made with tiles of wood laid so that grain runs in different directions from tile to tile; the same can be done with Trex. Lay your Trex on a diagonal, with an overlapped joint on a diagonal running at 90 degrees to the first diagonal to form a "herringbone" pattern.

    Matching Trim and Accessories

    • Trex, and most other composite deck manufacturers, supply a variety of trim pieces molded from their product. Adding these can compliment your Trex deck, or even frame a wood deck to good effect.

      Trex railing components are splinter free and easy to install. They come in several styles and make a great addition to any deck, stair, or walk way.

      Making benches from Trex boards adds a great feature to your deck. The surface will be splinter free and is generally more comfortable to sit on than treated lumber decking. Adding a bench against your rail makes the most of available supports and is a good way to finish your deck.

      Framing planters into boxes made of Trex boards adds a great accent for your deck, or patio. They can be used anywhere, not just on the deck. A front porch or back patio planter made of Trex decking can last for years and add beauty to your home.

    Other Uses for Trex

    • Trimming out the windows or doors of sheds and garages is a good way to avoid the periodic maintenance required to sustain traditional wood trims. Match it to your deck to give your property a cohesive look.

      Bridges and walkways throughout your landscape can be built with Trex composite decking. The same long lasting finish that works well on decks will make your garden paths and structures virtually maintenance free.

      Storage is always useful and storage boxes made of Trex boards are even better. Set them where you need them without worrying about the effects of weather. Add hinged lids/seats and they double as a benches.

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