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How to Send an MMS to a Cricket Phone

    Send an MMS from Your Cell Phone

    • 1). Scroll through the menu on your cell phone to find the text message application. Access it and the text message box will load.

    • 2). Type the person's Cricket cell phone number or name, if you have it in saved in your contact list, into the "Recipient" box.

    • 3). Type the message into the "Text Message" box.

    • 4). Tap the camera icon next to the "Text Message" box or scroll through the "Options" menu, depending upon your cell phone, to access the multimedia you are going to send. Once you find it, tap it. The multimedia will load into the text message.

    • 5). Tap "Send Message." The MMS message will arrive to the person's Cricket cell phone momentarily.

    Send an MMS from Your Email Account

    • 1). Log in to your email account. Click "Compose Email."

    • 2). Enter the recipient's Cricket number along with the Cricket email address in the "Recipient" box. For example, you might enter as the email address.

    • 3). Type a short message, not exceeding 160 characters, into the message field of the email.

    • 4). Click the "Browse" button. Search for the multimedia to attach and click "Attach" once you have chosen the multimedia. Click "Send Email." The email will arrive as an MMS message on the person's Cricket phone.

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