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5 Reasons Why Kids Should Get Involved In Martial Arts

"Martial arts is not about fighting; it's about building character."

Recently I was teaching my kids MMA class, one of my students was training for his orange belt grading which he was step away from getting. He was filled with pride as I watched him do various techniques and drills. Few days later he was up for his testing, where he earned his next rank, upon which he got to join the big kids in the intimidate class. There the big kids practice more advanced drills, techniques, and even some sparring. He was so happy.

He always been a good kid, but from what I observed the MMA gave him quite a healthy dose of self-esteem and self-confidence, two of the many benefits one gains from participating. Whether your kid is too bossy, too shy, or perhaps just a little hyper, this kind of training can help your child learn many important life lessons.

Why A Child Should Train In Martial Arts

1) They'll Gain Self Confidence and Self Respect

As I was saying before about my student, I was able to witness firsthand the confidence he gained by participating. Being able to progress through the belts and play with the big kids gave him a lot of confidence. The right martial arts school will teach your child that there are no tough guys. Every martial artist learns this sense of respect and true confidence. Your child will learn that confidence and respect for others comes from a deep sense of self-knowledge.

2) They'll Learn To Resolution Conflict

People often ask me if I have ever used my martial arts training in a fight. Yes, I have used the skills I learned from martial arts to resolve conflict, but thankfully, never in a really self-defense situation. One of the first lessons we teach in MMA was that words were never grounds for a fight. We train so that we don't have to fight.

3) They'll Learn To Focus

There are many challenges that parents face with today, one is getting their child to focus. Unfortunately there are a lot of distractions for your kids to pay attention to. In 20 years of martial arts classes, I remember many challenges, breakthroughs, and setbacks. What I do not remember are distractions or gimmicks like you often see at your local health club. At the martial arts studios and MMA gyms where I trained, there was no one bothering you or flat screen TVs, just hard work and sweat. As a martial artist, your child will learn what it is to be still, challenged, and focused.

4) They'll Be More Active

This is the obvious reason kids should do martial arts to get active and moving. In case you haven't noticed, we have a problem when it comes to obesity. The problem is particularly overwhelming as it relates to our kids, mainly because of video games. Youth sports and physical education programs are great, but not every kid is an athlete and many schools no longer offer PE. The martial arts offer many benefits, but when it comes to fitness, becoming a true martial artist means becoming a supremely fit person. When I was practicing Brazilian Jiu Jitsu or muay Thai kickboxing on a daily basis, I was in the best shape of my life by a long shot. Martial arts can help your child get fit and healthy.

5) They'll Understand They're Body

What they don't teach you at your local fitness gym is how to really listen to your body. To listen to your body is to also control your thoughts, breathing, and emotions. A martial artist is taught to see, feel, and listen to their body. Knowing what it needs..

The bottom line is that almost any child will benefit from training in the martial arts. As to which martial art, it's honestly not important. For a typical six or eight year old the point is to just get them moving and focused. This is a great way to become the best person they can be..

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