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Outdoor Banners Strategically Placed Can Compensate For the Poor Physical Location of Your Business

Here's the problem Many businesses located on the back side of strip malls do not get the signage visibility that those in front get.
They get less exposure to high traffic road and pedestrian traffic, fewer new customers coming in the door and higher risk on their business surviving.
This may be especially in that very critical first year of a small business getting established.
Here's a solution There are many ways to overcome this loss of traffic and the associated risk.
They are low cost, and in many cases, can attract more attention than having fixed signage featured on the high traffic areas.
Talk to your landlord and municipality.
Find an area on the exterior of the building exposed to high traffic car or pedestrian traffic and install a long lasting outdoor banner to attract that attention.
Display your outdoor banner on a durable stand outside your business adjacent to the high traffic areas.
Move the banner inside each night.
Stands are tough to come by but those used for volley ball nets work very well.
Here's the cost Depending on the size of the banner, the cost varies, but continues to become more affordable in today's economy and competition in that market place.
A highly visible, durable (grommets every 2 1/2 feet and hemmed on all four sides) outdoor banner, 2 feet high by 4 feet wide, with your business message on one side can be printed and shipped to your location for under $40.
Given the heavy duty material used, and with proper care, these outdoor banners can last from 6 months to a year.
Here's the return on your investment Let's be conservative on calculating a return on investment for this purchase.
We will estimate the return at an average of $5 per day over a 6 month period of time.
What that says, is that having the banner visible in high traffic areas brings in an average of $5 additional into your business each day you are open.
Depending on what products or services you sell, and your location, this figure could be much higher.
If the banner stays usable for 6 months and your business is open 5 days a week, that becomes 105 business days at $5 a day or $525 total resulting from the placement of the banner.
After subtracting the $40 original investment from the $525 increase in sales, you have $485 remaining.
When you divide the $40 original investment into the $485 net return, your return on investment is 1,212.
Let's summarize There are many ways for your small business to survive during a tough economy.
They take forethought, planning and calculation but will keep your doors open.
If your business location is not the greatest for exposure, outdoor banners, strategically placed adjacent to high traffic areas may be your answer.

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