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54 Filmfare Awards 2009 Becomes Film Unfair Awards

The standard of Filmfare Awards, the most prestigious award in Bollywood, is denigrating with each passing year.
In fact, Star Screen Awards is gaining credibility in terms of giving awards to people who really matter.
Here are some aspects of Filmfare Awards 2009, which made the awards look unfair: 1.
It is a shame that a movie of the caliber of 'A Wednesday' did not win a single Filmfare award; considering it was the dark-horse movie of the year.
It clearly deserved one or all of the three: best actor in critic's role, best script (it was really an original story) and best dialogue.
Paresh Rawal, who according to many, has given his career-best performance in Mumbai Meri Jaan, was not even nominated.
Filmfare has also scrapped the Best Actor/Actress in a comic role.
Where does it leave the efforts of the likes of Rajpal Yadav or Asrani? 4.
The best male singer award which went to Sukhvinder for 'Haule Haule' is a suspect.
Songs like 'Zara Si" from K.
K for Jannat, "Pehli Nazar" from Atif Aslam for Race and 'Kabhi Kabhi Aditi' from Rashid Ali for Jaane Tu Ya Jaane Na were far more popular in terms of music and singing.
May be Sukhvinder won it as a consolation because he missed going to the Oscars.
While giving award, one should also look at the 'challenge' that the role gives and how an actor performs it, and not just the mere success of the film.
By that token, Adah Sharma deserved an award for her eerie performance in 1920, more than Asin (Ghajini) or Anushka Sharma (Rab Ne Bana Di Jodi) 6.
The scrapping of the 'best actor in a negative role' is also not worth it.
Akshaye Khanna had a good chance for winning the award for Race.
Hrithik Roshan's was a critically acclaimed role, not a popular one.
He should have got the Best Actor critics award.
In the popularity polls for best actor of 2008 at Bollywood Trends, 44 percent voted for Shahrukh Khan, 41 percent for Aamir Khan and just 8 percent for Hrithik Roshan.
It goes without question that popular performances were of SRK (Rab Ne) and Aamir Khan (Ghajini).
Both of them saved the industry from incurring huge losses at recession.
It is useless giving awards to Aamir Khan because he cares a fig for these awards.
You can't give it to SRK every year, so it is better to give Hrithik the best actor (popular) award.

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