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Financial Aid For Single Mothers Returning To College

Do you ever feel you lose out on opportunities because you can't afford things others can? As a single mother, many women feel powerless because they are often faced with a low yearly income, mounting bills and the responsibilities of parenting. Being a mom involves meal planning, teacher meetings, homework assistance and attending sports events aside from everything else on your plate. The first step is to devise a plan of action in order to attain those goals. Once the decision has been made intention is half the battle. One place to begin your search for assistance are local county agencies to find a program that fits your needs. There are government assistance programs for single mothers. What you will first need to do is to determine what your household income is, and if it is low enough to qualify for one of these programs. There are emergency money programs and better educational programs. Most of these programs provide money for school and related expenses. If you are a low income mother, there may be also available money to assist with child care and gas expenses.

How these programs work is the U.S. government gives funds to each of the states, who then in turn delegate it to the counties within that state. The county agencies will be the place for you begin to make that determination if you qualify for one of these programs. One of the agencies go through is the Social Rehabilitation Services (SRS). Through this service, a single mother can obtain food stamps, WIC stamps (if at least one child is under the age of four), subsidized housing, and free health care. If your children are in the public school system, check out the reduced or free lunch programs. To find out about such programs, simply go into the administrative offices of your childs school and request an application. It is nothing to feel ashamed of as you are improving your lifestyle and teaching your kids the importance of resolve.

In Florida and other states they have assistance for those needing lower rental rates It is called section 8 housing and often is in nice sections of town. Every way you can reduce your housing and daily living expenses will help you think about your educational goals and get your closer.

Some of the ways you can get assistance for college involve Federal government grants which are for improving one's education. Those grants include Pell Grants, the Teacher Education Assistance for College and Higher Education (TEACH), as well as the Natl Smart Grant. If you are a minority group there are also organizations available. Though it may seem overwhelming, keep your eyes focused on your dream and the way you want your life to be transformed. This visualization will help and remind you daily.

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