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The Number 1 Strategy for School Marketing - Word of Mouth

Word of Mouth - #1 Strategy to Market Schools Let's keep it simple.
There are a number of classic and contemporary methods to market your school.
These should be at the forefront of any successful school marketing plan and budget.
A number of these are free or relatively inexpensive.
The number 1 method though is 'Word of Mouth' - it is free! However, the 'Word of Mouth' strategy often needs the use of many other strategies working concurrently to be successful.
School and Wider Community Support Needed Now this may seem quite obvious and simple to many, that the number one strategy in a school marketing plan is word of mouth, unfortunately it can be anything but that.
Word of mouth requires the great majority of people to be speaking positively about your school.
This not only includes those directly in the school community e.
staff, students and parents, but also those in the wider community who may influence those within and without of the school community.
This would include: grandparents of students within the school, others directly associated with the school e.
suppliers of school goods, professionals e.
those charged with the finance guidance and auditing, architects and engineers of the building plan, people on the school parents and friends / citizens association and the school board, past students association, etc.
Hence, these people need to be fully informed and communicated with, concerning all the events and happenings within the school.
This includes the positive and the negative.
Negative News Can Become Positive News Why the negative you may ask? If the school is run effectively it will have policies and procedures to deal with most, if not all, circumstances it may face.
When people within and without the school see that the school is dealing with those negative aspects in a professional, caring and effective way, they will more than likely support the school.
For many of these people they will go much further and espouse how wonderful the school is in the way that it deals with negative issues.
This can be a very effective method, overall.
Conclusion Once this strategy is accepted as the primary means to market a school, it then becomes evident that the next challenge is to select numerous forms of communication and a number of strategies, which are going to be needed for the 'word of mouth' strategy to be fully informed and hence, successful.

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