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Pink & Black Bathroom Ideas

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      Using pink and black to decorate your bathroom can help bring out the designer in all who enter the room or simply add a splash of color to an otherwise drab and neutral space. Opt for pink and black accents, or go all out and create a pink and black inspired haven.


    • Ideas ranging from contemporary to modern can help inspire creative touches when it comes to painting the walls of your bathroom. Alternate pink and white stripes, or use a design such as a diamond pattern to incorporate pink into your bathroom. Paint one wall black while painting the other walls white or pink, and use it the black wall as an accent wall. Hang pictures to incorporate pink and black into the bathroom. Pictures of pink flowers, pink bathroom scenes and black and white photography will help bring depth to the room.

    Fixtures and Accessories

    • Look at the overall theme of the bathroom when replacing or updating fixtures. Switch out traditional drawer pulls and door knobs with decorative ones. Choose pulls and knobs that coordinate with your pink and black bathroom. Use pink, black and gray towels and washcloths to help add a splash of color to bathrooms with white walls, or use white towels with pink and black monogramming to incorporate a personalized feel. Purchase a soap dispenser, toothbrush holder and shower curtain that reflect the theme and colors of the room. Possible ideas include incorporating black and white French Toile designs or 1950's era pink and black soda fountain items and depictions.

    Additional Ideas

    • Use several shades of pink to keep the look fresh and allow for easy exchange of accessories, such as shower curtains and towels. Incorporate grays into the room to help soften black walls or accents. Place a mirrored tray on the vanity, and load it up with pink hued lipsticks, nail polishes and lotions. Replace the floor with black and white checkered flooring, and toss a bright pink rug in to bring the colors together. Add additional decor items, such as a vase of flowers, pink or black framed mirror and colored candles.

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