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How to Drive Women Absolutely Insane in Bed - Using Nothing But Words

Men are sometimes guilty of failing to realize exactly how much effort it takes to keep women satisfied sexually.
  Relationships are destined to fail when a man cannot satisfy his woman in bed.
  Talking to a woman during sex is perhaps one of the best ways to get her to lose her inhibitions in bed.
  But communication in bed goes beyond the verbal.
  Things like eye contact and body language are equally as important.
  However, for the sake of this article, let's focus on the right things to say to help bring your woman to a powerful climax where she's calling out your name in complete ecstasy.
How To Drive Women Absolutely Insane In Bed - Using Nothing But Words Method #1: "Vocalize".
Be sure to shower her with honest and sincere compliments before, during and after sex.
  For example, as you undress her, be sure to vocalize how beautiful she is and exactly how much you desire her.
  Sex is much more powerful to women when they feel an emotional connection.
  Very few ladies are capable of climaxing from just the physical act of sex alone.
  A woman has to be relaxed and everything has to feel just right.
Method #2: "Tease Dirty".
Don't be afraid to talk dirty throughout foreplay and sex.
  Just don't be cheesy, disrespectful or over the top with it.
  Erotically and intimately compliment her while focusing on pleasuring her most erogenous zones.
  Keep in mind, that her erogenous zones are not always the most obvious parts of her body.
  Whisper into her ear that she smells good, tastes good and feels good.
  This will most likely drive her wild, build anticipation and bring her to orgasm.
  The tease of sex is sometimes just as powerful as the physical act itself.
  A woman has a greater chance of achieving an earth shattering, mind-numbing climax when there is a slow, gradual build to it.

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