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Poster Ideas for a School Project

    Use a Study Poster

    • Swap the inexpensive, flimsy poster board for a more durable option. Making your poster on a sheet of corrugated cardboard or foam board ensures your final project is aesthetically pleasing and sturdy.

    Create Contrast

    • If you use a white poster board, use dark letters. If you use a dark board, select light images. Creating a contrast between your board and the items you place on it makes the information pop out and grab the viewer's attention.

    Incorporate Images

    • Use pictures whenever possible. Viewers are more eager to look at a board that contains not only text, but also images. Do not, however, add images just for the sake of adding them. If a picture has nothing to do with your project, it has no place on your poster board.

    Avoid Clutter

    • Don't overcrowd your board. Use only short snippets of text and a few well-selected images. If your board is stuffed with information, your audience will likely be turned off and shut down before reading all of the information. Keep it short by including only the most important pieces of information on your board.

    Use Uncommon Supplies

    • When selecting supplies, think outside the box. Don't just use the standard supplies, but instead repurpose things you have on hand. Use food packaging as photo backing or as material from which to cut out letters. Add newsprint to increase the excitement of your display. These unexpected additions will set you apart from others.

    Make it Three-Dimensional

    • Use small pieces of foam or thick cardboard to create dimension. Paste these thick objects under the corner of your image or section of text and then paste it to the board. The additional bulk will cause your image to stand out and add depth to your poster.

    Add Glitter

    • Glitter is an unexpected addition to any poster board. Though you want to use this sparkly decoration sparingly, adding some to the letters or images that grace your board can add appeal to the poster and attention-getting quality to the display.

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