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Why Family Meals Can Help To Fight Obesity

Let's start with the observation that family meals help fight obesity. You may find a little stubborn, but we will see that a healthy diet has something to do with the family aspect and practice fooding heritage.

Family meals can be very beneficial in the fight against obesity, especially for children. Preparation of healthy family meals does not mean that we must respect schedule which are already loaded with more shopping to do and more hours of cooking.

How family dinners can fight obesity? Several studies have shown that participation in family meals allowed an increased consumption of fruits and vegetables, varied cuisine and reduce high-fat snacks between meals.

Remember that children learn many of their parents. You need ways to prepare meals that certainly inspire them later. Many people start a diet and lose a few pounds every year. However, many of those re-weight and continue to start and stop the endless cycle of failure to lose weight.

Children learn from their parents, and the current epidemic of childhood obesity, food choices reflects the sedentary lifestyle of nutritionally unbalanced and have many children who are overweight or obese.

Social factors are a source of encouragement to eat too much and do too little exercise. We live in a time when the portions are huge, food is hyper-easy and inexpensive technologies make us burn less calories (TV, computer, etc.). And we spend too much time sitting (sedentary job in the office for example).

In our modern society, it is very easy to eat too much and too little exercise. Television, radio, billboards, etc.. We encourage everyone to consume in excess. So it's almost impossible not to be influenced by the environment, and is not natural.

Despite the flurry of prepared food, ready to be heated and eaten, restaurants (including fast food), convenience stores at any street corner, you can really change your family's eating habits in promoting weight loss or stabilization of a healthy weight loss. The best place to start these changes in eating habits is, therefore, in the kitchen.

One rule of thumb is to keep the simplicity in preparing a healthy meal with the family. Avoid recipes that require many steps and ingredients. A simple dish, grilled or baked, without too many ingredients and steps, accompanied by fresh vegetables and a starch is a good choice.

Try to change your cooking methods. Bake, grill, roast or poach (dip food in water that is just on the verge of a boil) your protein sources. Rather than sprinkle with butter or margarine, reduce the amount of saturated fat and trans fat basting flavored vegetable broth, white wine or orange juice without sugar. Avoid recipes that call for heavy sauces or gravies for roast to keep your low-fat menus.

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