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Drupal Poll Content Types

    Just One Drupal Poll Content Type

    • Polls created through Drupal include a degree of flexibility. Poll creation capabilities exist out-of-the-box with Drupal. Having them requires only a standard Drupal installation as "Poll" is also a core Drupal module.

      "Poll" is a specific Drupal content type; there is simply just one poll content type in Drupal. Other content types in Drupal include "Basic Pages" and "Articles." Polls work in much the same way.

    How Polls Work

    • Drupal's core poll module allows you to create simple polls. You ask a poll question, create answer options and allow users to vote.

      The process of creating a poll using the "Poll" content type requires you to log into the Drupal admin control panel. From there, you need to click the "Content" menu at the top of the screen, click "Add content" and select "Poll."

    Poll Enabling and Other Options

    • To be able to use the "Poll" content type, it is necessary to first enable the polls module via the Drupal admin control panel. This is done by navigating to the "Modules" page from the "Administer" menu. Make sure that the click-box next to the word "Polls" is checked before clicking "Save."

      Aside from asking poll questions and creating answer options, you can also specify "bass vote counts," which will determine how many votes the poll starts out with. You can also select how long you wish the poll to run.

    Poll Customization

    • There are also a number of customizations that can be made to your Drupal poll by customizing the "Poll" content type. This can be made via the "Modules" page. This involves clicking the "Administer" menu at the top of the admin control panel page and selecting "Modules." Select "Poll" and click on "Permissions." From here, decide which users have permission to vote, see voting results and create polls of their own.

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