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Ring In The Profits

Keyrings are an inexpensive, simple way to market your business.
Everyone has keys and need some way to keep them all together.
If you can design a printed and keyring that stands out, you can effectively advertise your company each and every time someone reaches for their keys.
Each time they lock and unlock their home, start their car, arrive at the office or check their postal box.
Strategic Key Ring Design As you begin an introduction of a new product or service, you can begin a promotion by choosing a shaped plastic printed keyring.
Introduce a new line of clothing by ordering Genesis brand shaped plastic keyrings for as little as £0.
23 a piece, including any of their standard shapes and a single color imprint.
Choose from computer, golf bag, heart, house, key, phone, square, t-shirt, or van shape in black, blue, green, orange, purple, red, white or yellow.
Have a more unique idea and want to design your own shape? The Jenson line of custom, printed keyrings can be ordered for as little as £0.
30 a piece.
You choose the single imprint color and either soft and flexible key chain piece or hard, rigid plastic.
If you are planning to open doors of a new location, consider choosing hard plastic hard hat keyrings printed with your logo.
You choose between white and yellow hats and a single imprint color for £0.
65 each.
Want to get customers "hooked" on a new product or service? Consider the spring clip keyrings.
Users will find it very convenient to hang their keys on shopping buggies, their belt loops and wall hangers.
Thank your previous customers by sending them a "You're Number 1" printed keyring in the shape of the number one.
If you are stepping into a new era of your business plan, alert your former clients by sending them a foot-shaped keyring.
Multi-Tasking Keyrings You could make your keyring memorable by concentrating on the design or you could make it doubly useful by choosing a multi-tasking printed keyring.
Light up key rings are an industry favorite, with more than a dozen styles to choose from.
You aren't restricted to torches, though.
Consider the digital clock printed key ring.
What about a keyring that doubles as a trolley token holder? Who wouldn't appreciate keeping tokens at their fingertips while still holding a newspaper and coffee? USB Flash drive key rings are all the rage right now, great for transporting data of all sorts.
Smaller than a lipstick case and half the weight, these are easy to use and relatively inexpensive to order.
Purely Style So your clients don't care about multi-tasking or quirky designs? How about a posh leather or trendy metallic printed keychain? Real, soft leather keyrings are available for as little as £0.
33 each.
Elegant metal keyrings start at around £0.
50 each for printed or stamped metal keyrings.
No matter what your reason, choosing promotional printed keyrings for your business can create buzz around your trade show booth or client offices.

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