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How to Attract a Man - Dating Tips for Women

Want to learn how to attract a man? Looking for dating tips for women that will actually yield some positive results? Well, so are a TON of other women out there, but that shouldn't stop you from getting the attention that you deserve from men.
Make that high quality men.
You don't want to just attract any old guy, do you? Most women severely limit themselves in the men that they think that they can attract.
They assume that they will not find the right guy, and guess what? They are RIGHT! If you think that it is hard to attract a man, then you may want to stop thinking that way.
You really need to be able to open yourself up to the idea that finding the right guy can be EASY with the right techniques.
Going to bars, hanging out in night clubs, these are all pretty common for a single woman to do when she is looking for the right man.
And lo and behold, you will almost come up empty if these are your "hot spots.
" Here are some dating tips for women on how to attract a man: 1.
High quality men need to feel like they are with a high quality woman.
If you want to attract the kind of guy that is going somewhere in life, the kind of guy that you do not have to worry about if he can hold down any responsibilities, then you need to present YOURSELF as being a high quality woman.
Now, you might think that all of this will rest on just your looks, and while they are definitely a part of the equation, they are not the whole.
A high quality woman will be one that does not show a lot of neediness and has her own life.
Does that sound like you? Well, then you ARE a high quality woman.
So, start letting men see that in YOU! 2.
A man needs to feel the thrill of the chase with a woman.
If you want to get a man stuck on you in a good way, then you want to give him a little of the experience of feeling like there is a "chase" going on.
If you are always available to him and he knows that he can call whenever he wants and you will be ready for him, he's going to lose some of that thrill and some of his interest.
You need to make him feel like he is going to have to chase you around a bit.
Be exciting and make him feel the excitement.

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