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Brad"s Girl -- Angelina Jolie Goes Wavy

Brad's Girl -- Angelina Jolie Goes Wavy

Here, Angelina's trademark dark locks are long & wavy. Get this romantic look with hot rollers, styling spray (the secret to keeping a curl) & by teasing your roots at the crown. You'll want to brush hair back out of the face & spray with holding spray.

The Olsen Twins Go Wavy

I love creating this look with my own hair. It takes time, styling spray (I prefer Bumble & Bumble), a curling iron & patience. Start by spraying thickening spray on your roots (Bumble & Bumble is what I use), then take small portions of hair, spritz with holding spray & wrap hair around the barrel of your curling iron. Hold for 15 seconds, then gently let curl go. Continue, but alternate direction you wrap hair around barrel. Every other time, wrap up, every other time, wrap under. When finished, loosen curls with your fingers, NOT a brush.

Katie Holmes Grows Her Hair Extra Long

In an issue of People magazine, Katie Holmes' stylist admits Katie prefers her hair long. To keep long hair from getting too heavy, flat or with boring straight edges along the bottom, ask your stylist to cut in long layers. A few face-framing layers add depth & keep from making your face look too long.

Lindsay Lohan's Curls

Following the trend seen by other celebs, Lindsay goes curly in this picture. Since stick straight is not yet back in, you can get these sexy curls by winding hair around a curling iron barrel. Make sure to use a holding spray to keep curls in place.

Hilary Duff Gets Bangs ... and Waves

Long, swideswept bangs are hot. They are especially great for long faces. Ask your stylist to create long layers & work the bangs in. When you style, get that beach look by using saltwater spray. John Frieda makes a great saltwater spray.

Hilary Duff's Ponytail

Trend alert! Ponytails are hot, hot, hot & look especially great with hoops. Pull your pony up high or on the nape of your neck. The style is to make your ponytail look effortless.

I really love this long look on Mandy & trust me, it's not natural. Just a few weeks before, Ms. Moore was sporting cute, short locks (you'll see what I mean in the next picture). If you want this 'do with your real locks, scrunch hair & let naturally dry.

Here's Mandy with her trademark dark hair & her short, pixie cut. She wore this look for months before getting her extensions in late summer 2005.

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