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3 Terrible Disadvantages of Lasting Longer in Bed

I have been a multiorgasmic man for many years now.
It's been quite a time, I've loved it so far.
But let's be honest, everything has its downsides.
As good as being multiorgasmic is, I've experienced some drawbacks with lasting longer in bed and I thought it would be only honest to share them with you.
First of all, as a multiorgasmic man, you tend to have sex for much longer than usual.
At my current stage in life, I regularly find myself spending very significant amounts of time (sometimes hours per day) on having sex...
What a waste of time! I mean I could be spending this time on watching TV or surfing the internet.
Or reading tabloids.
Or eating popcorn to a DVD.
But no! Instead, I'm wasting all this precious time on making love to my woman, giving tons of pleasure to both her and myself, connecting with her on an almost spiritual level and strengthening our relationship.
What a drag...
Back in the day when I first developed my multiorgasmic abilities, I wasn't yet in the committed relationship I'm currently in.
And I "screwed around" quite a bit back then.
I kept changing girlfriends, going from one short-term relationship to another.
This is where another disadvantage of lasting longer in bed came about.
Women just wouldn't get off me! The girls I was currently in a "relationship" with would call me every single day asking if I wanted to come over "for dinner" or "to watch a movie".
Yeah right, "watch a movie", is that what they call it nowadays?..
Sometimes even the women I had already broken up with would call me up to "simply ask how I was doing" and "to see if I was doing anything special next Saturday".
Telling them that I was with someone else would usually either depress or upset them.
It seems once a woman spends some intimate time with a man who has mastered male multiple orgasm, they realize that even if she does ever meet somebody with similar abilities, it may take a while before that happens.
Because of this, a multiorgasmic man who is not in a committed long-term relationship can suddenly find himself dealing with too many women wanting to have sex with him.
Considering how bad women are at keeping secrets, they also tell all about you to their girlfriends and now you have even more women on your back.
That's just terrible.
Finally, lasting longer in bed can actually increase your expenditure - that's if you are using condoms when having sex with your partner(s).
I mean, when you are multiorgasmic, you can easily get through a sizeable pack of condoms in one or two nights.
All this cash you could be spending on junk you don't use, extra food your body doesn't need and oh...
booze and cigarettes - now you're throwing it away on condoms, to have more sex.
Sheesh! Yeah, as you can see, being multiorgasmic can be a nightmare...
Okay, but on a more serious note, what I wanted to convey through the sarcastic tone of this article, is that there are pretty much no real downsides to being a multiorgasmic man and lasting longer in bed.
At least I can't find any.
Now unless you found any of the things I named to be actual drawbacks (in which case I have failed miserably), I really recommend you to do yourself and your partner a favor and find out more on how you too can become multiorgasmic.
I suggest you check out the website mentioned right after this article, as in my opinion the course it offers is by far the most useful and comprehensive manual on lasting longer in bed and developing male multiorgasmic skills on the market.

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