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Small Business Marketing Secret #2: Marketing Is Like Fishing - You Need A Hook

When's the last time you went fishing? Think back to that day.
What did you use to fish?A pole, fishing line, bait, maybe a sinker and a bobber.
Oh yeah...
and a hook.
You wouldn't go fishing without the hook, would you? The hook is probably the most important part of the fishing process.
The same is true in your advertising.
If you want to be successful in advertising you have to resign your position as general manager of the universe and realize that your ad is not a personal soap box to speak your mind, hype accolades, regurgitate philosophies, spout jargon and blab about anything else.
The people who see your ad really don't care about you, your personal agenda or that you've spent good money to talk to them.
As you know they only care about one thing...
Likewise your advertising should focus on only one thing...
them! You have already identified that "YOU" is the most powerful word in any advertisement.
That is why a hook works so well.
A hook is something of value you offer your target, which they can't live without.
It's something that provides them with a solution, a cure, an answer to a daunting problem.
A hook incites them to take the desired action your advertisement was designed to evoke.
An advertisement without a hook is like a fishing pole without a hook.
Fish may look at the bait, they may nibble the bait, they may even eat the bait - but you will never catch a fish without a hook.
Customers may hear your message, they may think about your message, but they are very unlikely to take a desired action unless you give them a STRONG INCENTIVE to do so, something they see as valuable.
If your ad doesn't ask your target to take action you are totally wasting your money.
Your ads need to provide an undeniable reason focused on relieving your target's pain that incites them to take a desired action.
Next time you go fishing, be sure to bring a few hooks.
Next time you advertise, try throwing a few hooks in there too.
Have you spent money on advertising and afterwards you wonder if it was effective.
It's tough to know right?You should have learned how to avoid this in science class.
In Jim and Travis' small business marketing secret #3 we'll tell you how.

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