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Golf Club Clones - What You Need to Know

Do you know exactly what a golf club clone is and how it will benefit you? There are lots of misconceptions about this topic, so here are the facts.
What is a golf club clone? Unlike what many think, a clone is not an illegal copy or counterfeit club.
Also, it is not similar to a cheap knockoff club made in some warehouse.
On the contrary, a club clone is a golf equipment designed to look similar and has similar features to a lot of top brand golf clubs in the market.
Golf club clones are designed and made by legitimate companies carrying their own brand.
Hence, they do not infringe any trademarks or patents.
Although these clubs are made of the same quality and features as the top brand name clubs, the major difference is they can be bought at a fraction of the price.
You might ask, "Then why do they come cheap?" There are a couple of factors.
First, let us state the obvious.
If you purchase a top brand name club, you are buying exactly that, the name.
Top brands have earned a good reputation; they just know that consumers will pay for their asking price.
Another main factor is the materials used.
It is common knowledge that China is the resource capital in the world.
Most golf club clones are from China, and they use similar materials as the top brand manufacturers when making the clones.
Lastly, major brand manufacturers pay for steep overhead expenses which are transferred to the end price consumers pay for their products.
Unlike in China, labor is way cheaper, materials are easily sourced and even exportation and business operation comes cheap.
The internet is a good place to start hunting for good club clones.
There are tons of websites that offer them at very affordable prices.
You can check on the seller's feedback if you want to quickly determine if the products you are interested in comes from a reputable company and if they offer good quality items.
You can also view the opinions or ratings of other purchasers.
Golf club clones are a much viable option for you to get your hands on the best club designs and features in the market without breaking the bank.

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