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How do I Fix a Cluster Panel on a 1997 Sebring?

    • 1). Open up the hood of your Sebring. Use a socket wrench to remove the bolt attached to the negative battery clamp. Pull the negative cable away from the battery.

    • 2). Use a Phillips screwdriver to remove the two screws which fix the rubber bezel around the cluster. Pull the bezel away from the cluster.

    • 3). Take the four screws out of the instrument cluster. Slide the cluster out of the dash. Unhook the electrical wiring from the rear of the cluster. Move the cluster to your work area.

    • 4). Turn the bulbs in the dash in a counterclockwise direction with your hands until they come free from the cluster. Discard the bulbs in the trash. Insert the new bulbs by turning them in the opposite direction. Reattach the instrument cluster to the dash by following the removal steps in reverse.

    • 5). Open up the dash wiring panel at the very bottom of the dash on the drivers side. Remove the fuse which is connected to the instrument cluster and replace it with a new one. Reattach the negative terminal to the battery. Turn on the engine of your Sebring to check that the cluster now works correctly.

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