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How to Stop Twitching Spasms in The Eye

    • 1). Wash your eyelids with an eyelid scrub. Many people experience twitching spasms in the eye when their is a buildup of dirt, makeup, or face cream on the eyelid. Since most people tend to avoid washing their eye area in the shower, residue can accumulate and be absorbed by the eyelids causing a twitch. Purchase an eyelid scrub that is specified for washing the sensitive eyelid area. Eyelid scrub can be purchased at your local drugstore. Use it as directed and ask the pharmacist on staff if you are confused by the directions.

    • 2). Rinse your eyes with an eyewash. This part may seem scary for those that aren't used to wearing contact lenses, but it can effectively stop twitching spasms in the eye if they are caused by foreign matter. Simply tilt your head to the side and pour the eyewash into your eye gently and slowly. Move your eye around to make sure that your entire eye has been rinsed. Take special care to make sure that the corners of your eyes have no dirt lodged there. When you are done, gently dab away any excess rinse from your eyelids and the corners of your eye.

    • 3). Quit the coffee for a few days. Another common cause of twitching spasms in the eye is excess caffeine. Cut your coffee and tea intake for a few days until the spasms subside. You may then reintroduce caffeine back into your life but be mindful of its effects in the future.

    • 4). Take the edge off. Stress can cause all kinds of spasms and twitches; if you are still experiencing twitching spasms in the eye after doing the above three steps, try to reduce the stress going on in your life. If all else fails, consult with a physician to see if there are any medical options to fix the twitch.

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