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When you were born, we began to feel. Hunger became part of you. You started feeling pain when you were spanked on the ass by the doctor. You started shedding tears when you miss your mum. Sometimes even the nanny did not quite understand you because you single mode of deep expression was to cry. The only time you would be understood by anyone was if you would smile. You see a smile from a baby speaks a thousand or even more words. Most of the times it means that you are happy and relaxed. It means that all is well within you. All of a sudden, it may turn upside down, and tears start streaming down your face. You thought that since the people around you understood your smile then definitely they will understand your frown. Quite often this is not the case. They even begin to get angry at you, but you are simply telling them that you have pooped yourself. You start to wonder in that simple baby brain of yours "Is pooping wrong? Can't can't I just help myself without all the fuss?"  You are stuck in reverse. Sooner than you know it, you begin to grow. Your needs start to change. You no longer require a napkin to protect you from going to the toilet on yourself. You simply just walk to the toilet and flash it after you. After a few years, you start getting attracted to people in a way that you cannot understand. You start to feel that you cannot go a day without talking to them. In other terms, you begin to feel an unexplained love.  

This has led to the development of online dating services. An online dating service is where you can get dating ideas if you are out of them. In other words, you can ask dating questions. You can also simply date online. There are many online dating sites where you can ask relationship questions, issues on dating women, issues on how to find a date, issues on how to meet people and even where to find love online. Online dating is a platform where women seeking men or men seeking women can be found. If you are into a different complexion, dating sites make it possible for inter racial dating. On line dating has led to an increase in interracial dating especially among LA singles. The most prominent dating service is free online dating. We can learn from mistakes of other people when dating. Dating in LA can teach you how to date online. Therefore, if you are single in LA, there are singles in LA just waiting for you. You can call them www singles.

Just to note, not everyone in the internet or a dating site is legitimate. Some of them simply want to use you. Some are actually just looking for sex from you and then when they are through with you, they dump you. Some are there for business, and they want to kidnap you so that your loved ones can pay ransom. In short, just be careful.

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